Godet Roll Assemblies



PASCO supplies replacement godet assemblies, up-grade modifications and spare parts for most godets supplied by other manufacturers and machine suppliers. PASCO designs and manufacturers new state-of-the-art heated godets in single and multi-zones, rotating sensors and contactless transmitters. All standard configurations plus special designs are available to meet your processing requirements.

PASCO has emerged as a major supplier of high quality heated godet assemblies worldwide. Investment in R&D, attention to performance, reliability, value and prompt delivery have earned PASCO a reputation as a quality designer and manufacturer of godet systems.

Multiple zone heating with control sensors embedded in the rotating godet roll provides extremely uniform temperature profiles end-to-end of the working length— within ± 1° or better—on PASCO’s high end godets. Reliable and accurate transmitter electronics improve godet life in the yarn and fiber plant. Single zone heated godets are available for less demanding applications. Godet size— in both diameter and length—may be specified over a very wide range. PASCO never uses welds to join the hub to the rotating godet roll so that no chance of cracking or separation ever exists.

Uniformity and reproducibility of yarn and fiber heating are critical in maintaining process quality during drawing and relaxation phases of the fiber forming process. PASCO produces godet assemblies for use in low speed operations such as medical sutures, mid-range speeds for BCF and industrial yarns, and high speed units for processing fiber up to 8000 mpm.

Two driving systems are used, 1, Direct mounted godet roll to specially designed godet motor shaft, and 2, “bearing housing” mounting where a large driving shaft is supported in a mounting housing with special bearing and lubrication systems for indirect drive. Larger size godet rolls may use both the bearing housing unit and a direct coupled motor to ensure that critical speeds or vibrations are eliminated throughout the operating speed range. Special self-contained shaft coolers are normally supplied to lower operating temperature and thereby greatly extend drive end bearing life. Drive motors supplied as standard are highly efficient permanent magnet synchronous AC motors specially designed for godet roll applications. Permanently lubricated bearings with high temperature grease are used in most applications; however, oil mist lubrication and/or forced cooling of the bearings are available when required.