PASCO Parts and Systems Co. Inc.

PASCO’s principal products include Heated andAmbient Temperature Godets, Temperature and
Motor Speed controls,
 and our line of patented Air Bearing Separator Rolls. Spare parts and heating elements are supplied for most OEM fiber manufacturing and extrusion machines. Upgrade and remanufacturing services are provided to maintain and prolong the life of existing godets and heater systems.  PASCO can totally rebuild your existing godets and provide all materials and labor to replace or repair synchronous motors, induction heaters, godet rolls, contactless transmitters etc.Refinishing and assembly balancing services are available. Pick-up and delivery services are available in most areas.Godets
 PASCO Parts and Systems Co, Inc. P.O. Box 5468, Asheville, NC 28813.
Tel: 828-684-7070  Fax: 828-684-6937