Godet Induction Heater Rewinding and Complete Godet System Remanufacturing

Induction heaters of all types can be completely remanufactured in PASCO’s large inductor shop. In addition to replacing winding coils, the heater cores can be repaired. New laminations or steel cores are available. PASCO’s rewinders can handle multiple zone or single zone inductors up to 500 mm diameter and lengths up to 1500 mm. Extensive inventories of high-temperature magnet wire and insulation materials are continuously maintained. Wire insulations in stock include HML for temperature ratings up to 180°, Kapton and glass/nickel plated wires for temperatures of up to 250°C, and mineral/mica insulated nickel wire for extreme temperatures.PASCO can change heater power KW of existing inductors to match your process requirements. PASCO can modify existing godet roll/inductor assemblies to provide higher temperature ratings, power factor improvement and extended operational life, which in many cases can eliminate the need to buy new replacement rolls.PASCO’s godet repair/manufacturing services include:

  • Induction heater repair
  • Godet roll shell repair, including repair of taper hubs and contact surfaces to correct run out problems, resurfacing and dynamic balancing
  • Replacement of godet liners
  • Major repair of drive motors with replacement rotor/stator units for reliability and performance upgrades
  • New motors of permanent magnet synchronous design are available for most godet assemblies
  • New contactless transmitters with digital TempTrak™ technology for reliability and accuracy and with five-year warranty
  • Complete temperature control sensors, and internal electronics
  • Bearing replacement/upgrade, including special lubrication
  • Reassembly, painting, system trim balance with 100% performance testing

PASCO has engineering design capability and extensive precision machine shop facilities to produce missing or damaged components as well as complete systems.