PNEU-ROLL® air bearing separator rolls offer high quality, fast delivery, and outstanding value. These rolls can withstand handling abuse such as rotation by hand without air, physical shock and impact without destroying the roll, where competitive rolls are damaged beyond use. The roll design features a rotating roll shell fully supported by a film of air, where lack of mechanical contact assures low rotating torque and long life. PASCO has incorporated a new design feature in all of the PNEU-ROLL® separator rolls which increases load carrying capacity while reducing air flow at the same time. Air enters the roll through the hollow shaft and supports both radial and thrust loads. The air exits out both ends of the roll and helps expel any foreign matter, thus improving the life expectancy of the roll. In-line filters are available for use with wet or dirty air. 




PNEU-ROLL® separator rolls can be supplied in a wide range of custom or standard configurations, wear surfaces and wrap guard design. Stainless steel rolls and self-rotating designs are available. Ultra-low torque models can be furnished for processing very fine denier products.

All PNEU-ROLL® models can easily be rebuilt when required.

Delivery ranges from stock or up to six weeks for large quantities and/or special designs.



 PASCO Parts and Systems Co., Inc. PASCO’s reputation for quality equipment has made it a leading supplier of Godet and Separator Rolls in the fiber industry PASCO’s reputation for quality equipment has made it a leading supplier of Godet and Separator Rolls in the fiber industry. Our dedication to timely delivery has enhanced this reputation. We recognize the importance of your schedule and how delivery delays can affect your operations. Our goal always is to meet our promised delivery. PASCO’s engineers understand production processes, so that the machinery, parts, and components we supply will be exactly what you need. Call PASCO to discuss your equipment needs…you’ll find us competitive, efficient and dependable. Why look elsewhere? AMBIENT TEMPERATURE and INDUCTION HEATED GODETS PASCO supplies replacement godet assemblies, up-grade modifications and spare parts for most godets supplied by other manufacturers and machine suppliers. PASCO designs and manufacturers new state-of-the-art heated godets in single and multi-zones, rotating sensors and contactless transmitters. All standard configurations plus special designs are available to meet your processing requirements. 

Here's A List of Standard, Readily Available Designs